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Goose Chase

Well, a challenging treasure hunt.


You should of arrived at this page because you are attempting to knock out some challenges on the annual list. If you are here and not a registered part of the DHT Community, and registered as part of the Google Group Tally pages, then you can still follow the below instructions, but you may not get a response if the above is not true.

Send a letter to:  Hans PO Box 1376 Kings Beach, CA 96143  In the envelope include a piece of paper with a hand written note that tells us about a challenge you have or will do, that is particularly easy for you, but may be hard for someone else, and why. ( it need not be a challenge on the list).  Include an envelope that is stamped and addressed to someone who lives close enough to you that they can bring you the contents of the letter, -that we will send to them.(you can't have the letter addressed to you. You cannot address the letter to you Care Of your neighbor/friend.)  We will give instructions in that letter to your neighbor/friend, and in turn they'll engage with you. You'll need to follow instructions from there in order to mark off the challenge.

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