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Reach Climbing Gym Fun!

Yesterday (01.22.2020) we had a fun and "challenging" day at Reach Climbing Gym in Bridgeport, PA. We were greeted with happy welcomes by owner Lenny, manager Ivan & Chantelle. Lori, who we had met at Reading Rocks was already warming up via the auto belay. We soon started swapping belays with Skelly, who we met at the gym on our arrival, Lori (who was also working on the challenge list) & Andrea. Hans and Ivan took some runs up the speed climbing wall. Ivan won. Hans bouldered with Elle, Archie & Katie. We had a great time working in our challenges amidst meeting a fun crew of people including:

Lenny, Ivan, Chantelle, Lori, Skelly, Andrea, Zeke, Hunter, Noah, Max, Karlee, Tom, Bill, Charlie, Brittany, Jackie, Chris, Naan, Joe, Brad, Brenda, Max (2), Brian, Sarah, Lyman, Mary, Bonny, Sunny (and more but we didn't get all names written down).

Later in the day Hans lead a well received core & technique for climbing class, followed in the evening by a slide show to an eager and welcoming crowd. Proceeds from the class & show went to South Eastern Climbers Coalition,

Thanks to Lindsay (who we met on our visit to Reading Rocks) for introducing to the Reach crew and taking such good care of us! Thanks also to Andrea for a comfortable place to rest our tired bodies that evening!

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